Civil Engineering

We pride ourselves in promoting innovative solutions to our clients by the use of the most modern plant & equipment coupled with operative training which ensure the Safest and most cost effective ways of delivering projects.

The management and workforce are highly trained to be able to deal with all scenarios that you could expect to have to cope with whilst working on tidal works, rivers and canals, reservoir repairs and refurbishments, erosion control schemes, piling works, landscaping and surfacing works and many more areas connected to this industry.

D G Mills
D G Mills

D G Mills have a wide range of capabilities covering the following fields of expertise.

  • Major Structural Insitu Concrete works
  • Piling
  • Retaining Structures
  • Infra-Structure ground work
  • Flood Defense
  • Canal refurbishment

Waterway Specialists

As a well-established contractor and sub-contractor to Canal & River Trust, (formerly known as British Waterways) D G MILLS works closely with Omnibus Contractor KierMG Works to maintain the UKs canal infrastructure has included all manner of works to maintain the canals heritage. Works include lock repairs, culvert repairs / replacement, steel sheet piling, towpath reconstruction, bridge repairs / replacements, wall repairs, relining works - puddle clay, reservoir maintenance, fender work, fencing and access works. Works in this sector have required very high levels of workmanship using some traditional methods of work particularly when working on heritage and listed structures.

D G Mills
D G Mills

Utilities / Infra Structure groundwork

D G Mills sub-contracted for Leven Energy Services Ltd, carrying out works across the utilities sector i.e.: Gas, electric and water.

We have also worked for the Ministry of defence installing duct communications systems, reinforced concrete structures and secure fencing works. This required our workforce to be fully vetted to allow access to strategically sensitive areas.


We are a licensed waste carrier and therefore all surplus excavated material / demolition waste can be collected from most sites and disposed of at registered landfill sites.